I played Glastonbury 2016! The Astrolabe – Glastonbury has been my home for the past few days..I have never met such a bunch of welcoming, talented, incredible people! So sad Glastonbury has come to an end but I will remember every second! Glastonbury is magical and it was an honour to play my music there!


LISTEN HERE – https://soundcloud.com/anna-baines/leave-me

Leave Me was written when I lived in halls above a chicken shop in South East London….About a year later I went into the studio to record the track with my friends. I recorded the guitar in the listening room with my friends eating sweets and talking around me, it was a very relaxed to say the least. Then went on to do one vocal take and the two backing vocals were recorded on the same mic. It has a very organic and free feel and I have Penny Churchill to thank!
SO honestly thank you so much to everyone that played and helped out on this record <3 so much talent and so much love!

ALSO a massive thank you and shout out to Galina for the fabulous artwork! She is incredible and a beautiful human being. Check out more of her work below!


Anna Baines – Guitar and Vocals
James Barclay – Guitar
Jess Ball – Backing Vocals
Megan Real – Backing Vocals
Leo Aram-Downs – Bass
Penny Churchill – Produced/Mixed/Mastered


Naked Narrative was my New Context performance for the end of Second Year.

Watch here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-bVsjopkHI

This 9 minuet or so piece consists of 4 songs that transition into one another, telling a story. It is a very personal piece of work and has pushed me in more ways than one.

Thank you ever so much again to Holly Howe, Jess Ball and Gillie Rowland for helping me perform this live. So much love to them!


– Listen –

I’m listening to my skin and letting someone in…
So please be gentle as I lay down my pride upon the cotton ground.

A week feels like a second but we move like its been months…
Wasting time loving but I’ll waste it all I want.

A week feels like a second but we move like its been months…
Wasting time loving but I’ll waste it all I want.

– Trace Messages –

Take me there
I want to
Take me there
I want to

London lights fall through the window
I fall back down into the pillows and hardly sleep though

You trace messages upon my back
You trace messages upon my back

I – L – O – V – E – YOU


– Count –

If I could count my age on two hands
I might believe in all your plans
The plans you made for you and me,
when we were both still nineteen

But maybe that was bedroom talk…
and you don’t even mean those thoughts…
but on the day that I grew up,
the fairytale came unstuck!

(Leave me.)

I don’t want you to change your heart…
it’s you want a fresh start.
I don’t want you to change your heart.

I don’t want you to change your heart…
it’s you want a fresh start.
I don’t want you to change your heart.

– Numb to Feeling –

Are you numb to Feeling?
Can you feel at all?
You say you love me…but you’re gonna call it off when summer falls

Can’t you see I’m bleeding?!
As I lie in the bed try to steady my breathing…

Are you numb to feeling?

You say you love me…


“I loved that tune..in fact I am in love with that tune…That was a shiny diamond..a proper shiny, big, juicy expensive diamond!” – Sam Bonham

“The biggest diamond we’ve seen for a month!” – Richard Pitt

Thank you so much to Sam Bonham and Richard Pitt from BBC Introducing for their lovely comments about my single Let it Pour!

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to the show yet and fancy it, it’s still up for a few more days…here is the link and I’m played about 50 minuets in http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02snj0b xxxxx


Let it Pour is OUT NOW!!!

Please share with all your friends and family!!

Itunes – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/let-it-pour-single/id969091091

Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/anna-baines/let-it-pour




It is now available on Itunes for 79p or listen for free on Soundcloud!! (the links are below) Thank you to everyone especially co-writer/producer Nathan Thomas!

Haze (Itunes) – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/haze/id968644193?i=968644202

Haze (Soundcloud) – https://soundcloud.com/anna-baines

Please share with all your friends and family and let me know what you think!! I’m just a little over the moon right now xxxxx


Anna Baines is releasing 3 original tracks with a distinctive style over 3 weeks. The first release will be on Friday the 20th of February, with 2 more tracks being released each Friday after! Anna’s music often complements darker lyrics with uplifting production and has explored an electronic feel in her music with producer/co-writer Nathan Thomas.


Salisbury Fashion Week

Played for Salisbury Fashion Week last night at the beautifulThe Pembroke Arms! A sold out event celebrating “Fashion Through the Decades” inspired by this video below from Westfield in East London, which I thought was really cool, so I put the link below! Thank you very much for having me! xxxx



SO while I have been out repping my #Studiozoo teeee in India, Newton Faulkner’s beaut of an album has come out and was waiting in the post for me when I got home!!!!!!!! If you haven’t listened to this yet, it is defiantly worth a good hearty listen to, i have only been home a few hours and it has been on repeat ever since hahaha Hope you are all having an amazing Summmeer  xxxxx #STUDIOZOO


On Monday 24th I recorded a #studiozoo theme song in order to try and win a competition called #cuppatea to go and hang with Newton Faulkner, I found out I won on the Wednesday and the next day, that same week on Thursday 27th June I went to meet Newton and it was an insane day! There was a feast of food and I got to visit the studios and do a little singing. I was so nervous but everyone was so welcoming and he is the nicest man! It was such a beautiful day that I will never forget!!!!


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