LISTEN HERE – https://soundcloud.com/anna-baines/leave-me

Leave Me was written when I lived in halls above a chicken shop in South East London….About a year later I went into the studio to record the track with my friends. I recorded the guitar in the listening room with my friends eating sweets and talking around me, it was a very relaxed to say the least. Then went on to do one vocal take and the two backing vocals were recorded on the same mic. It has a very organic and free feel and I have Penny Churchill to thank!
SO honestly thank you so much to everyone that played and helped out on this record <3 so much talent and so much love!

ALSO a massive thank you and shout out to Galina for the fabulous artwork! She is incredible and a beautiful human being. Check out more of her work below!


Anna Baines – Guitar and Vocals
James Barclay – Guitar
Jess Ball – Backing Vocals
Megan Real – Backing Vocals
Leo Aram-Downs – Bass
Penny Churchill – Produced/Mixed/Mastered